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What Does A Cavity Look Like

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How to tell if you have a cavity?

  • Ideally a dentist should be who diagnoses you but before you make an appointment there are several key signs to watch for which can include one or more of the following:
    • Intermittent or regular pain without any specific reason.
    • Sensitive teeth.
    • Pain that varies from mild to serious when eating or drinking something sweet, hot, or cold.
    • Teeth with visible, holes, gaps, or pits.
    • Tooth discoloration which may be brown, black, or off-white.
    • Pain while chewing.


Can a cavity go away on its own?

  • The quick answer is No, this is due to the nature of cavities themselves, you cannot, for instance, brush them away because they are permanently damaged parts of your tooth due to a combination of reasons including bacteria.


Are cavities visible to the eye?

  • They can be, and often are due to their likelihood of having discoloration from the overall normal shade of the rest of your teeth, however, most people do not have the training or the equipment to do a more thorough search. If you are concerned enough, make an appointment with your nearest dentist so that you do not have to get a tooth filling or even a root canal.


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