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Dr. Anastasia Solovieva MD Crystal River FL

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Dr. Anastasia Solovieva MD

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1919 Nw Us Highway 19

Crystal River, FL 34428

(352) 564-0697



License Number

  • 2004027805
  • 1437134335


License Status

  • Clear



  • None Reported


Procedures Performed

  • None Reported



Conditions Treated

  • Brain Disorders
  • Blood Disorders in Pregnancy
  • Breast Diseases
  • Perimenopause
  • High Risk Pregnancy
  • Pregestational Diabetes Mellitus
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • All Headaches (incl. Migraine)
  • Genitourinary Tract Infections in Pregnancy
  • Hypertension


Accepted Insurance Plans

  • None Reported



  • Obstetrics & Gynecology


Hospital Affiliations

  • Bayfront Health Seven Rivers


Education and Training

  • Residency Hospital
    • Baylor University
  • Internship Hospital
    • Baylor University
  • Medical School
    • Moscow Medical Academy


Professional Memberships

  • None Reported



  • None Reported



  • None Reported


Languages Spoken (other than english)

  • Russian
  • Spanish



  • None Reported


Staff Privileges

  • None Reported


Faculty Appointments

  • None Reported


Disciplinary Actions

  • None Reported


Criminal Offenses

  • None Reported


Medical Malpractice

  • None Reported



  • None Reported



Reviews from the web

  • S Bishop – Sep 22, 2020 - healthgrades
    • The first office visit was very positive for me. The staff is thorough and makes you comfortable throughout the visit. The doctor is very knowledgeable, understands your concerns, and explains procedures step by step. I feel confident she will provide the best medical care. The office is clean, and equipped with the proper instruments to provide care. I was very nervous and worried before my appointment; I feel far more at ease now. I’m pleased to have them there for my gynecologist needs.

(The cloth sheets are a paper to rip and waste.)

  • BJ Ezell DrPH candidate 2020, MSHI BSHCA RN – Mar 30, 2020 - healthgrades
    • To the person that was told of a disease and later confirmed by 3 other doctors not to have it, please do everyone a service and book another appointment with the original doctor, calmly provide the info you shared here. I have a friend that had a similar experience with another Dr, NOT this one, in an office in a nearby city. She booked an appointment explained she was not happy with the staff or the diagnostic information. The doctor apologized and said they would work with the staff and would be happy to review other DI tis findings. Folks doctors are human beings, medicine is not an exact science. Please be patient, respectful, and be persistent. You know your own bodies better than they ever will. Thanks for your post it was enlightening and insightful. A nurse of 52 years (Hernando, FL)
  • Theresa Smith – Feb 23, 2020 - healthgrades
    • Dr. Solovieva is awesome! She is thorough and will answer any questions you may have. Her staff is friendly and professional.
  • K Clark – Jan 09, 2020 - healthgrades
    • I just love Dr Solovieva. Office is imaculate and she has a great personality. Extremely qualified. Very efficient and staff is wonderful.
  • Nov 13, 2019 - healthgrades
    • This “doctor” loves to give patients medications that they do not need! I have a co worker that goes to her as well.... and was diagnosed with a disease! The co worker went somewhere else and was told that she did not have it by three different doctors ! I was given the same information, different disease and went somewhere else! I was told by two different doctors that no I did not have this disease! I am not in denial , she is just not very good! They are rude , and if they think that you have money; they ask for it upfront ! They will tell you that you will be reimbursed for overpayments! I was a little concerned that they wanted all of this money upfront and I had not even seen the doctor! The office has the ambiance of a Medicaid run facility! When I was there a pregnant young female , her boyfriend and his friend came in unkempt and laying all over the furniture as though they had not slept in days ! One of the males got up and help the door open to vape ! Go somewhere else !
  • May 02, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Ive read a couple peoples reviews and ive been with solovieva about 4 years and 2 babies, she isnt a bad doctor actually a very good one shes just straight and to the point. If my baby came out with issues i wouldn't guess her health n safety with solovieva as my doctor,and as for the nurse if you actually talk to her and get to know her she has a nice personality ans if fun to talk to. Also the receptionist. She has sooo much on her plate with phones ringing off the hook and also patients walking in steadily its a busy office but she also is a nice person sometimes your so so busy you dont have time to put on the biggest smile you can and shoot the bo bo for 5 mins with every patient but they do try there best.
  • Jacqui in Crystal River, FL – Nov 01, 2018 - healthgrades
    • This woman is amazing. I recently moved to Crystal River and found her by accident. I couldn't be happier that I did. She is knowledgeable and answered all my questions succinctly without wasting time. When it came time to deliver my baby, all of the nurses at the hospital spoke very highly of her and I can see why. She is a strong patient advocate who tells it like it is. I would recommend her to anyone.
  • Celina in Crystal river, FL – May 20, 2017 - healthgrades
    • Being a first time mother I was already nervous about giving birth. Finding someone you trust to deliver your baby is a big deal. Dr. Solovieva is the most amazing women iv ever met! Amazing friendly staff, doesn't take a month to get an appointment, she knows exactly what she's doing and doesn't push drugs onto you. I had an amazing experience with her. Definitely will be coming back with baby #2!
  • Mark Gilvary in Beverly Hills Florida – May 02, 2017 - healthgrades
    • Wonderful doctor throughout the pregnancy. She actually cares about patients and the babies something rarely found. Her nurse could be a bit friendlier but you wont find a better doctor.
  • Tanika in Inverness, FL – Apr 12, 2017 - healthgrades
    • I am thoroughly pleased with her care....she is very smart and knowledgeable. She took great care of me with my recent health issues . highly recommend. -Tanika
  • Morriston, FL – Apr 08, 2017 - healthgrades
    • Did not review reports or information. Did not care about me as a person. Terrible bed side manner.
  • Susan fuller in Homosassa, FL – Dec 31, 2016 - healthgrades
    • She is very business oriented and is not a chatty doctor. I find her to be efficient and pleasant but not an especially warm person. She is a good doctor though and as a result of my visits (2) with her I will be undergoing cancer treatment for uterine cancer very soon.
  • Prognosis Iffy in Crystal River FL – Oct 11, 2016 - healthgrades
    • Even though she has an eastern European accent she is easy to understand. I feel she cares about her patients. She has a good staff.

The office is clean, and smells good, but is hard to find if you don't know the area.

  • Aug 30, 2016 - healthgrades
    • I am Deaf and this doctor refuses to see me because of it. This is complete discrimination! She claims that because I can't hear that I am a high risk pregnancy which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I am a healthy 25 year old woman there is no medical reason that I should be called high risk!
  • Dunnellon, FL – May 23, 2016 - healthgrades
    • Dr. Solovieva is the most competent and caring gynecologist I've ever been to. I would recommend her to any woman looking for an excellent ob/gyn.
  • melody carpenter in Inverness, FL – May 07, 2016 - healthgrades
    • I never got to see her, her office staff was so nasty I couldnt wait to get out of there and her energy field. I wonder if the doctor knows how her new patients are received. If she did, that person would be history.
  • Victoria in Homosassa – Mar 25, 2016 - healthgrades
    • This doctor is the best doctor ever!!!! She knows what she does!!!!



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