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Dr. Adina Gociu PHD Hollywood FL

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Dr. Adina Gociu PHD

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5124 Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood, FL 33021

(954) 894-1174



License Number

  • PY9267
  • 1477832624


License Status

  • Clear



  • None Reported


Procedures Performed

  • None Reported



Conditions Treated

  • None Reported


Accepted Insurance Plans

  • None Reported



  • Psychology
  • Addiction Psychology
  • Adolescent Psychology
  • Behavioral Nutrition Counseling
  • Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology


Hospital Affiliations

  • None Reported


Education and Training

  • None Reported


Professional Memberships

  • None Reported



  • None Reported



  • None Reported


Languages Spoken (other than english)

  • Romanian
  • Spanish



  • None Reported


Staff Privileges

  • None Reported


Faculty Appointments

  • None Reported


Disciplinary Actions

  • None Reported


Criminal Offenses

  • None Reported


Medical Malpractice

  • None Reported



  • None Reported



Reviews from the web

  • Nidia Munoz – Feb 12, 2020 - healthgrades
    • Dr. Gociu treated my 14 yr old daughter and she loves her. Adina makes you feel comfortable and that you are in a safe place, my daughter has improved so much because of her appointments with Adina, when I was looking for a therapist I didn't know where to go, I hope that my review helps parents to choose a therapist that will work with you and your child to make her your lives better like she has done with us. Thank you Dr. Adina.
  • Nov 09, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Has helped us deal w our teenagers issues. Also w our parenting.
  • Sep 16, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Dr. Gociu is a very emphatic, kind and willing to listen person. I have had a wonderful experience being treated by her, she was beside me on my rollercoaster of emotions.

I highly recommend Dr. Gociu.

  • V. V. – Sep 16, 2019 - healthgrades
    • I saw Dr. Adina for the first time for a psychological evaluation for a bariatric surgery. She was accommodating with my schedule. She has late afternoons and weekends appointments for people that work just like me, a 9 to 5 schedule. I felt understood and she was able to help me after my surgery too with some anxiety issues that I was having. Her fees are reasonable and she sends the report to the hospital in a timely manner. I highly recommend Dr. Adina!
  • Stefania G – Sep 07, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Dr. Gociu is both highly professional and very approachable. She was able to relate to all of my kids’ personalities and they all ended up loving her and trying their best just so they would impress her and please her. She is knowledgeable and kind, I highly recommended her!
  • Aug 12, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Dr. Gociu performed an assessment on our son for IQ and achievement testing. He can have a difficult personality, but she handled him very sensitively and made him comfortable enough that he was able to perform very well. We have experience with psychological testing, since our oldest son has also required it while we lived in Chicago. Dr. Gociu was a cut above our expectations; she met with us to discuss the results of the testing and gave us very useful advice and recommendations.

Her manner is very inviting and reassuring for children. My son instantly liked her and felt comfortable talking to her. I recommended her to one of my friends, who needed assessments for her children, and she told me that her kids really liked Dr. Gociu as well and she was very pleased with the testing procedure and the advice she got afterwards. Her professionalism, intelligence, knowledge, her warm and empathetic manner, these are all qualities that highly recommend her.

  • May 16, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Adina has been a great help to me. She is approachable, kind and genuine in our conversations and I felt an instant bond during our first session. I leave her office feeling comforted and positive and look forward to my next visit. She has fantastic administrative support for scheduling and greeting patients. I would HIGHLY recommend Adina to anyone that wants support to improve their lives and overcome difficult emotional challenges.
  • Apr 11, 2019 - healthgrades
    • I was very nervous to go back to therapy , but talking to adina felt natural & comfortable. She is incredibly amicable & you can just tell she genuinely cares. Not to mention that she always offers me coffee I absolutely love her!
  • Mar 30, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Dr.Adina has been wonderful i was very shy when i first started going to my appointments but Dr.Adina helped me with that she made me feel comfortable sharing my story and talking about the way I felt and she just makes you feel like your talking to a friend, I’m glad I’ve met her and I’m in a better place because of all her help.
  • Mar 27, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Adina has been amazingly helpful in my recovery and her compassionate and sweet nature have really made a safe environment for me to get better. I just want to say thank you.
  • FL – Mar 03, 2019 - healthgrades
    • Dr. Gociu is a very compassionate and caring professional. She helps you define clear and realistic goals and empowers you to acomplish them! I highly recommend dr. Gociu!



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