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Aphakia Medical Definition

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Aphakia - A condition in which you're missing the lens of one or both of your eyes.

You can be born that way or lose the lens due to an injury, or your doctor might remove it during an operation for cataracts.

When you have Aphakia, it's hard to see things clearly with the affected eye.


When you're missing a lens in your eye, you may have these vision problems:

  1. Farsightedness, where you have trouble seeing things close to you.
  2. Colors that look faded.
  3. Problems focusing on objects as they move closer or farther away.


  • Aphakia is most often caused by surgery for cataracts.
  • In some cases, it can also be caused by genetics or an injury.


  • It can be detected in a standard eye exam.
  • In unborn babies, it can be detected with an ultrasound.


  • Treatment for Aphakia usually includes surgery, special contact lenses, or glasses.



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